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Important Things that ESA Owner Must Know Before Bringing an ESA pet Home - 2022 Guide

Do you feel better in the presence of your pet and feel devoid of depression and other disorders of mental health? You should definitely consider your pet as an ESA (Emotional Support Animal). First of all it is important to understand the differences between an emotional support animal letter and other pets. Before bringing an ESA home, there is no specific training required but an owner must make sure that he/she has an ESA letter from a licensed therapist to avoid restrictions from the authorities.

If you are a hostelite or sharing a dorm with other m ates and your ESA is a threat to other members, you may not be allowed to keep it with you. If your fellow attendant is allergic of animals, even then, you may have to say goodbye to your adorable pet unless they are ready to negotiate. You can walk with them on roads and play around by keeping in mind that it is your duty to clean things after them.

Regarding an esa letter for housing, any animal could be considered but you have to make sure that it is tamed, atleast. Don’t forget to make sure that they are harmless to other people and other pets as well. Large dogs and farm animals can not be considered as emotional support animals. With an emotional support dog letter you can take your dog to your school and college as well. But prior to that, making sure that specific accommodations are available in the classroom, otherwise it won't be allowed.

Getting a letter is simply not enough if you do not follow the rules and regulations of FHA (Fair Housing Act) regarding emotional support animals. You are liable to show the letter to prove that you are certified to keep pets in the residence. If you are a tenant, you must know the authorities and limitations of a landlord, regarding your ESA.

A landlord can deny keeping a pet if he thinks that it poses a potential threat to others or is responsible for financial problems but cannot impose limitations related to size and weight of an ESA.There are no extra charges or payments regarding ESA letter, a landlord can demand from you. Some landlords don't comply with the law and do not allow keeping pets at all. It is your right to live with your adorable supportive pets, so make them aware of the law. You can sue the landlord for not cooperating neither discriminating people with an emotional disability.

An owner must make sure to clean up his/her ESA so that and must provide them with appropriate entertainment and living space too. An owner must know that it is unacceptable to keep them stranded in one room all day and not take them for a walk and play. Similarly, mistreating one is also not accepted and in such a case it may be possible that an owner will not be allowed to keep an ESA. However, it is not mandatory for owners to keep their ESA 24/7 with them and they can leave ESAs alone in the apartment if required.

Beware of fake ESA letters and ESA registrations as the concept of ESA registration is not that well-known. There are a number of entities that sell fake ESA letters. Remember that faking an ESA license is considered as a second degree misdemeanor and also will not be accepted by landlords for housing. So before taking an ESA home, it is advised to have an ESA letter by a licensed mental health professional. You can apply for an esa letter online from

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