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  • Is your granola vegan?
    Yes. Marge Granola and Marge Muesli is Certified Vegan through the Vegan Awareness Foundation (
  • Is your granola Non-GMO?
    Yes. Marge Granola and Muesli has achieved Non-GMO Project Verified status and is compliant with the Non-GMO Project Standard. (
  • Your granola and muesli is all Gluten free?
    Yes. Our granola and muesli is “wheat-free by recipe” meaning that none of the ingredients in and of themselves contain wheat. We also use a high quality organic Certified Gluten-Fee rolled oat as well as organic Certified Gluten-Free sorghum flakes in our muesli. Using Certified Gluten-Free oats and sorghum ensure there has been no cross contamination in the growing fields nor at the mill. Additionally, our granola and muesli products have been tested by an independent lab in Seattle showing no detected gluten (<10 ppm).
  • How fresh will my granola be?
    We bake our granola weekly. Expect your granola to arrive fresh!
  • How long will your products stay fresh?
    If kept in a dry, air-tight container, Marge Granola stays delicious for 4 months.
  • Can I freeze granola?
    Yes. By freezing your granola in a dry, air-tight container, you can extend the freshness. However, we do not recommend keeping granola frozen more than two months.
  • What’s a cacao nib?
    Little bits of the cocoa bean before sugar or dairy is added. So they’re not really chocolate – just toasty with a nice cocoa flavor.
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