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NEW bircher-style muesli flavors

Cleverly disguised as Seattle neighborhoods, you will find bold interesting flavors such as Cinnamon Cranberry, Spiced Chai, Coffee Nib & Lavender Blueberry. Search for your new favorite today!

A traditional Swiss morning breakfast, bircher-style muesli is untoasted. This healthy breakfast cereal can be eaten cold, as an overnight oat, or warm just like oatmeal. It can also be used with your favorite oatmeal cookie recipe and enjoyed as a snack!

Our new muesli is made from the same quality ingredients you expect from Marge. All ingredients are non-gmo verified, gluten-free and vegan. Of course we have added a few new ingredients to our Gluten-Free Bakery to make our muesli flavors just a bit more interesting. Our cinnamon cranberry flavor BALLARD is loaded with cinnamon. FREMONT, our spiced chai flavor contains white pepper. We use specially ground organic espresso powder from Middle Fork Roasters in GEORGETOWN, our coffee nib flavor. And, organic culinary lavender is perfectly balanced with our dried wild blueberries giving MAGNOLIA a summer fresh taste.

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